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Atlas Counseling Services is the private practice of Dr. Darla Timbo Psy.D., LPC, centrally located in the East Liberty area of Pittsburgh, PA.

At Atlas Counseling Services, we offer a variety of in-person and virtual counseling options for Pennsylvania residents. Our goal is to break down the stereotypes often associated with therapy by providing quality counseling services and mental health education to those in need.

We want our clients to know that it’s okay to not be okay, it’s okay to ask for help, and it’s okay to be vulnerable. We practice a collaborative and compassionate approach to therapy which allows us to build strong relationships with each of our clients that are built on trust.

Finding a therapist you love shouldn't be

Finding a therapist shouldn't be

Life can be challenging.

All healthy, successful therapist/client relationships are built on trust and confidentiality. It’s of upmost importance to us to ensure your privacy and the protection of your information at Atlas Counseling Services.



We are often reminded of the importance of pursuing constant personal and professional growth. We believe there is always more that can be learned from our past and present experiences in both our failures and our successes.


Continuous Learning

We believe creating a collaborative therapeutic environment in which both the therapist and client can voice their questions, curiosity, concerns, and ideas greatly makes a difference in our client's engagement in therapy and their outcomes.



We have intentionally built an inclusive therapy practice by creating an environment in which all clients feel valued. We honor our clients diverse backgrounds and their unique life experiences, creating a safe space for them to share, grow, and heal.



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Hey there! I’m Dr. Darla Timbo. I’m a doctoral-level psychologist and licensed professional counselor in the Commonwealth of PA. 

I opened my private practice, Atlas Counseling Services, in 2011 because I have a heart for helping to heal and educate the people in my community.

My mission is to assist clients in getting to a healthy place in their lives. Through therapy, I show my clients how focusing on their present can help them overcome their past and navigate their future.

I’m also a proud mother, college professor, and member of the American psychological Association—among other professional organizations.

Founder of Atlas Counseling Services

Meet Dr. Darla Timbo.