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Learn how to utilize your formal education with the real world strategies needed to start and run a successful private practice.

The real learning starts outside of the classroom.

You want to feel confident in the services you offer.

You prefer to learn from hands on experiences.

You don't want to let fear or the unknown hold you back.

You want to start a successful private therapy practice.

You've soaked up all the information your educational experience could provide but you now realize that you have more to learn before you are prepared to branch out on your own and live out your dream of starting a private practice.

Does this sound familiar?

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Hey there! I’m Dr. Darla Timbo. I’m a doctoral-level psychologist and licensed professional counselor in the Commonwealth of PA. 

I opened my private practice, Atlas Counseling Services, in 2011 because I have a heart for helping to heal and educate the people in my community.

As a new therapist, I noticed that there were not many seasoned therapists that looked like me and could relate to my life and the challenges I experienced after graduating from college.

I told myself that whenever I reached the point in my career that I could help other new therapists, I would. And since open Atlas Counseling Services, that's exactly what I've done.

Founder of Atlas Counseling Services

Meet Dr. Darla Timbo.


What does it actually take to run a successful private practice? Learn hands-on from a private practice owner of 10+ years.

Dr. Timbo will teach you everything you didn’t learn in school such as how to conduct client consultations, build your clientele, package and price your services, getting paneled with insurance, how to get self-pay clients, client retention methods, and more.

Private Practice Consulting


All aspiring Licensed Professional Counselors in the state of Pennsylvania are required to obtain a specified number of supervision hours in order to apply for their LPC license.

Dr. Timbo is a board-approved clinical supervisor and has offered supervision services since 2013. She takes pride in helping to prepare new therapists entering into the mental health field.

LPC Supervision

Have more questions?

how much does LPC supervision cost?

Dr. Timbo will discuss pricing options for your supervision during your initial phone call. 


Dr. Timbo will discuss pricing options for your private practice consulting during your initial phone call. 

where will my supervision be held?

Supervision can take place in person at Atlas Counseling Services or virtually. Please discuss your preferences with Dr. Timbo.

how does private practice consulting work?

During your initial phone call, Dr. Timbo will work with you to develop a consulting plan that addresses your current areas of opportunity and helps you make the most out of your private practice consulting.